Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fuck, I miss this band (A Death Valley recording you wouldn't hear otherwise)

Seems like forever ago. Though it's only been a few months. it's like breaking up with 7 people at once when your band breaks up. I owe much of myself to Death Valley. I spent a month of weekends on the  couch in a state of depression and soul searching when we stopped gigging because I honestly didnt know who I was any more. Talk about identity crisis. But spend two years with weekends of solid gigging and it becomes quite easy to lose other aspects of your self. Like a social life. I think I've regained that slightly, and managed to maintain a rather good gigging regiem. it's all about balance.

But the point of this post is this : and probably the main reason why I miss The Death Valley Blues Band so much. We'd rock up at a practice or a gig and start jamming. And it would be this beautiful mulch of E. Yep, always E. Well almost always E..

This is the first jam we had after Kevin left for the UK. It wasn't constructive but the feeling was still there.

Kev, we miss you

Pic 2008: Just before 5fm interview

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