Sunday, November 27, 2011

All hail the poet

Yep, so I've dissapeared for a while, now Im back for a while, I'll probably go again. Tis life. In the interim though, I've moved to Cape Town worked five jobs in four months and managed to get my solo project underway, I even played some shows. Rad. Anyway here's two new tracks for your listening pleasure. I've decided I want to be a poet. Poets are cool. They should be crowned as the ultimate rock n rollers. But they generally off themselves in some serious rock n roll happening before their work ever reaches anyone. Im speculating here. But anyway all hail the dawn of the poetic rennaisance, fuck the licence.

These were recorded with a Lexicon Lambda external sound card, and cubase. I think I like the production of songs in the quite of my head phones.. it's kind of like being under water, but you get to make the trip.

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