Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Bone Collectors - Black Love Album Launch

He was kind of creepy, standing there at the entrance. His face was pale white, ghostly. In his hand he held a noose, which he casually flung over his shoulder as an eager photographer catches his fire lit grin. He turns to me, strikes an overtly sexual pose and in a slow southern drawl says: “You wanna hang out later?” 

Behind him stands a giant of a man; Ken Bull of the Bone Collectors raises a flaming a machete and extinguishes the flame with his mouth.  I have arrived at the cirque macabre. The long awaited launch of Cape Town’s self proclaimed assassins of pop’s album “Black Love”.  

If you are unfamiliar with the unholy groovy voodoo that the Bone Collectors cast I would suggest righting this situation immediately by buying this masterpiece of an album. Recorded in the lair of Mr Cat and The Jackal’s home studio, Fresh Meat, the album delivers a unique blend of bluesy intrigue and outright boogey in such a manner that you have to put it on repeat over and over and over again to fully understand the beauty of the production. From the soulful ballad “No Stranger to the Truth” right through to the title track “Black Love” with its bouncing beat and catchy chorus this album truly delivers a mature listening experience that is set a part from the raw and manic energy of the Bone Collectors live performance. 


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