Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Brother Moves On - On Tour

It is 2.35 am Monday the 11th of April 2011. I know this because my computer tells me so. I am heading on tour with The Brother Moves On in 5 and a half hours. Today was spent with the band in Pretoria, and I hope to high hell that today wasn't a pilot for the forseeable future. The reasons being:

1) We arrived at the venue two hours late
2) The venue, she was not, let us say, all that jive ass
3) Our drummer and rhythm guitaist were at this point still trying to find each other in a taxi rank in Germiston
4) For a brief moment we were undert the impression our drummer had bailed on us
5) Legae's bass guitar's electronics stopped working
6) After many phone calls we procured another bass, which also stopped working
7) The gig went well, albeit bassless (we can't complain about this, but I thought I'd mention it anyway)
8) Packing up was interesting, we came in three cars with six people and a ton of equipment. We left in 2 cars with 7 people with even more equipment then we started with
9) Our car (Siya, Kush and I) had just hit Midrand when we got a call to say that Ray had been arrested, did we have his wallet, his driver's licence is in it.
10) We did have his wallet (whether I should say this is a bad thing or not I shall leave to subjectivity)
11) We had to drive all the way back to Pretoria, by now it was close to 1am.
12) The Metro station is almost impossible to find, it took us another 20 minutes of driving around (thank you to the kind lady who lead the way to Vermeulen Street, if not for you we would probably still be lost)
13) Ray then had to make two trips to Kempton Park to drop off various band members..

After all this... well here's to hoping the tour shall be nothing like it. I shall try keep you posted on what's going on. So here I guess is the first offficial insert of my first tour with The Brother Moves On.


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