Monday, April 11, 2011

Organic Soul

A photographic walk through of yesterdays dismalness. Check previous post for explanation of dismalness.

Waiting for Legae somewhere close to Greymont

In Sunnyside but where the fuck is this venue?

Still can't find the venue (Siya)

Eventually found the venue, its not this place, but just to the right of it. This is the DTI Campus
Palm trees for atmosphere

Siya giving BJ directions to state theatre to pick up Zwash and Simpiwe. This plan was thought better of.

Kush testing filming for the tour

Ray in the mix
Splicing (like a dj yo)

DTI campus behind the venue

More mixing

Yep, you guessed it, another mix

Happy dancing

View from the loo

Houston we have a technical difficulty.. No soldering irons made themselves available

Now available with t-shirts

The drive home, before we got half way and had to drive back to bail Ray out of the cop stop..

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